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When Education Sucks

January 8, 2015

When I received my A-Level results, most people were excited on my behalf but I was the least excited. I had seen my desired career as an IT expert vanish in thin air. I was very sure that though my Dad had let me choose what course to fill for on my JAB he wasn’t going to give me that luxury again, I had refused to fill law even as my fourth choice. So now I had blown my chances, and dream by not getting the full points. I remember proposing to resit A-Level just to ensure that I would get the right course for me but boy oh boy however convincing I was the only answer I got was, the money is mine so why bother. And I remember my cousin brother reprimanded me for being so short sighted and narrow minded, Law is the best course he said.

Well to cut the story short, I applied for BLAW hoping beyond hope that I wouldn’t be admitted, I actually only applied to MUK, though “they” wanted be to try all the available options. Well I was admitted and I didnot disappoint … not that I didnot have my share of fun while at campus and Lumumba hall.
I had now become a lawyer, by the way I have never admired those people but alas I was now one of them.

I was to proceed to the next step and unfortunately some thing called pre-entry had been introduced, WHY I don’t need to know. I was actually too relaxed whilst my friends were too hard on the books and I remember one of my Very good friend GBHer said to me “we shall miss not having you with us at the Center”. Hey! it struck me that I could miss out on proceeding with my uni friends in the academic struggle. So I hit the road running AGAIN. However I convinced myself that even if I don’t get admitted I still have time to switch to my beloved IT or I could join the music industry, all it takes is shouting out words, or I could spin some disks.

Fortunately I was admitted at the LDC, real roasting, it was. I say of during my time at the center I hated the fact that I had signed up for it. And lo and behold, the final exams came out “not so good”. Several thoughts started running through my head, why not do an MBA or Journalism or IT and leave this profession once and for all…. I passed, thank God and was finally awarded the Bar course Diploma(PG Dip L.P). This time round I felt I should go to Binaisa grounds, Law Development Centre Kampala for the grad (I had refused to attend the grad at Freedom Square, Makerere University. Enough with the schooling stuff.

The really sucking begins after school, when you realise that all that rosy stuff you were told about getting the best jobs, enough money and you know! living the good life was all lies. Am told it ended when the current gov’t violently grabbed power, destroying all the industries, ransacking the treasury, leave alone rendering the industrial city a ghost town…. blah blah blah. Its not that the jobs, and the money run out in the country, no not at all, they all are there but in reserve. I have always wondered why a person can make over twenty job applications and they are not called to a single interview? Not that their marks are pathetic or what, but job advertising has become just that a technicality, a by-the-way, mere commercial puff, just a cover up. well I do believe that some jobs are still given on merit but even then there still has to be a little technical know who or a carpet interview or something of the sort.

SO WHY DOES ONE HAVE TO SPEND OVER TWENTY YEARS IN SCHOOL? they don’t teach experience in school… do they? But then much as education in Uganda sucks, going to school must have been the best thing to have ever happened to me, am at least able to communicate intelligibly and that is worth more than any thing the world can offer.

PLEASE for those still in school, love school, keep in school and work extra harder. Life is such a bitch and even the technical-know-who can only favour the educated.
I was wondering, JUST WONDERING what if I had landed the best job soon after scholl, would I really think that education in Uganda sucks OR CARE ABOUT THE THOUSANDS OF UNEMPLOYED YOUTH. Actually I do believe and firmly so! that education in Uganda doesn’t suck at all only that the system has failed it. There will come a time I believe when the efforts we put in our schooling will be rewarded abundantly. Education doesn’t suck Does it? Unless if you are not educated, not that your opinion will matter though. Friend in the struggle keep the hope alive and your spirits high at least do it for the health reasons.


I think she is hot!!

January 8, 2015

You are a young man probably with reasonable wealth and still unmarried, you have this sexy tempting house girl throwing her curves in front of you… the temptation to adventure some times even keeps you awake at night, given that she sleeps in the room across. should I should I not, “mire miro omururo, nchwere nchwere obunuzi”. You know that you can get casual, hot free sex from her just by mere expression of interest it doesn’t get simpler than than.

I know that many a man w’d fall into such temptation without a second thought, atleast every hot-blooded bachelor. But how about the cost of such illicit romance; loss of respect, unwanted pregnancies, or even an unwanted marriage. You know temptation presents itself as blissful, so sweet & incredibly free of risk…. But like they say not all that glitters is gold.

You are a young graduate with so many dreams but slowly losing hope, all of a sudden u get wind of some easy money to make… Did they say easy money? You just cannot believe how lucky you just got… blah blah blah….

Many a young person are faced with e’ temptation to sell their soul and conscience for worldly pleasures, so what would you do? Refuse to join those who are in “things” & remain jobless & poor, Or join the bandwagon of the corrupt oppressors?
Am sorry 2 say but i have no respect 4 all the young educated Ugandans have sold their soul(s) to the devil, who know very well that the political system they support is so stale and rotten, but shamelessly insist on defending it. You are worse than the Amins of this world coz unlike them you ought 2 have acquired some values moral or otherwise, from school. Your greed clouds your judgment. Its not too late though…. FOR GOD & MY COUNTRY.

Mish Mash Uganda: A fusion of arrogance and plain stupidity

January 8, 2015

Allan's Wordy World

Although I work in Rwanda as a freelance writer/journalist, I regularly return to Uganda to visit my family and friends or to attend to different social of work related engagements. .

The seventh day of the month of June found me in Kampala. I received a text message from a friend, Moses Serugo who asked whether I could make it to town for a brief meeting with a PR friend of his. I responded in the affirmative and quickly set off for the city centre.

We met at around 10am and set off to meet his friend who works in Kololo. After the meeting, I asked Moses to accompany me to Mish Mash, an arts-themed club located on plot 28, Acacia avenue. I’d been told that I could buy some nice T-Shirtsfrom their crafts shop.

The shirt that I wanted to buy from the craft shop at Mish…

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