I think she is hot!!

You are a young man probably with reasonable wealth and still unmarried, you have this sexy tempting house girl throwing her curves in front of you… the temptation to adventure some times even keeps you awake at night, given that she sleeps in the room across. should I should I not, “mire miro omururo, nchwere nchwere obunuzi”. You know that you can get casual, hot free sex from her just by mere expression of interest it doesn’t get simpler than than.

I know that many a man w’d fall into such temptation without a second thought, atleast every hot-blooded bachelor. But how about the cost of such illicit romance; loss of respect, unwanted pregnancies, or even an unwanted marriage. You know temptation presents itself as blissful, so sweet & incredibly free of risk…. But like they say not all that glitters is gold.

You are a young graduate with so many dreams but slowly losing hope, all of a sudden u get wind of some easy money to make… Did they say easy money? You just cannot believe how lucky you just got… blah blah blah….

Many a young person are faced with e’ temptation to sell their soul and conscience for worldly pleasures, so what would you do? Refuse to join those who are in “things” & remain jobless & poor, Or join the bandwagon of the corrupt oppressors?
Am sorry 2 say but i have no respect 4 all the young educated Ugandans have sold their soul(s) to the devil, who know very well that the political system they support is so stale and rotten, but shamelessly insist on defending it. You are worse than the Amins of this world coz unlike them you ought 2 have acquired some values moral or otherwise, from school. Your greed clouds your judgment. Its not too late though…. FOR GOD & MY COUNTRY.


3 Responses to “I think she is hot!!”

  1. Mel Says:

    It’s been 6months since you posted this: how are you feeling now?

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